Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dinner at Root Down

Last night the wife and I went with friends to the fairly new and very popular restaurant Root Down located in the Highlands area of Denver. Since there were four of us, we decided to do small plates and share. We picked several dishes that could be made Vegan so the wife could eat them with us. The service was outstanding and very knowledgeable. The food was excellent with standouts being the risotto done vegan (no cheese), the veggie burger sliders (I recommend the mustard), and the Buffalo burger sliders with a nice taste of smoke. The only disappointment was the bruschetta. It was supposed to have grilled peaches, but there was not much peach flavor. As a straight bruschetta it was very good, but I was expecting more of a peach taste. The only Vegan dessert was a banana sorbet that I did not try but received rave reviews from my wife and our friends. The drinks were well made and had some unusual ingredients that actually worked together. I recommend Root Down, although feel that the first meal I had at Beatrice and Woodsley was slightly better.

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