Sunday, October 7, 2007

Casa Bonita- Heck For a Vegan

Today we went to visit one of Denver's greatest kitsch restaurant, Casa Bonita located on Colfax Avenue. The restaurant is an over the top Mexican Village with a 30 foot waterfall, entertainment including Mariachis, Gorilla, Gunfights and Divers. One of the best fun items is a dark cave with limited effects and motion effects. For Halloween the restaurant has a larger Haunted House with more effects, lots of spider webs and more. Now for the food which is not the best. I had the fajitas which is a safe bet. The beef was a little dry but acceptable. The vegan spousal unit decided to try to special order a bean burritto with no cheese, sour cream, etc. What she ended up with was a bean burrito covered in a red meat sauce and a beef taco. She decided it was not worth asking the waitress to correct the order and ate the beans and guacomole. Also finished off with the Sopapillas without honey. Based that the kitchen is a large kitchen which does lots of orders, it is difficult to special order. So for a vegan- the restaurant is not good receiving a non recommendation for food, but a high recommendation for atmosphere and ambience. Go for the fun and Black Bart's Cave and be entertained as it is an awesome experience.

Casa Bonita
6715 West Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO